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All proceeds from book sales go to support Free to Shine, a child protection organisation that prevents school-aged girls being trafficked into the commercial sex industry in Cambodia. Read more about Free to Shine in Co-Founder Nicky Mih's chapter in Wholehearted Leadership Revolution.

Do you want to be part of the positive change this world needs?

Are you already a leader but feel there's more that could be done?

Then join us on a journey with 10 inspirational leaders who have shared their story and experience on being a wholehearted leader in the modern world.

Now more than ever the world needs Wholehearted Leaders. Leadership has become a thing you do, a thing you learn, a thing you consciously apply. Meanwhile the world has become more and more complex, it’s too much for the conscious mind to process on its own.


There has always been a role for the heart in leadership, think passion, courage, compassion, and inspiration. More than ever before these qualities must come to the fore if you’re to be a successful leader.


This is what it takes to hold the space for yourself and others in the face of increasing complexity, uncertainty and change. Are you ready to lead with your head AND your heart?


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Meet the Authors

About the publishers

Wholehearted Leadership Revolution started as a conversation between Andrew and Rob while co-facilitating a transformational retreat for leaders back in 2021. They knew this project would be far more powerful if it included a range of inspirational leaders and perspectives, so they assembled the dream team above.

Andrew Ramsden - WLR Headshot.jpg

Sustainable Success Sherpa

Andrew Ramsden

Andrew Ramsden is an international bestselling author, speaker and Sustainable Success Sherpa who has been featured in Business Insider, CEO Weekly and Disrupt Magazine. The Founder of Peak State Global and host of the Peak State Podcast, Andrew has empowered over 7000 leaders from around Australia.

Rob Kirby - WLR Headshot.jpg

High-Performance Leadership Guide

Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby is a world-renowned High-Performance Leadership Guide for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders & CEOs. His laser beam focus makes him the best in the world at expanding your greatest strengths everywhere so you can integrate your past, present, and future into right now


What is a Wholehearted Leader anyway?

Wholehearted Leaders are not just ‘fair weather leaders’, able to stand tall when things are sailing calmly along. Wholehearted Leaders have a connection to their heart that empowers them to make difficult decisions and stand strong even in the face of uncertainty and great adversity. This makes Wholehearted Leadership the only feasible choice to provide direction and support through sustained crisis and beyond.

Are you ready to continue your Wholehearted Leadership journey? Come join the Revolution!

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