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What they're saying

"When leaders are ready to expand their comfort zone, impact, and prosperity in their jobs, businesses, and personal lives, they seek out Andrew."

Disrupt Magazine

A few words from my clients...

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"When I met Andrew, I was dealing with a new business environment, a different work culture and technological challenges. As a leader and coach, I wanted to continue my understanding of my own motivations that could be translated into success for teams and individuals I coached.


Andrew helped me with the challenges I was facing and with levelling-up my own relationship with trust, finding clarity under pressure and managing difficult stakeholder interactions.


Andrew led the way for me to understand deep seated triggers that made it hard for me to shift these challenges myself. Andrew was able to facilitate a safe and trustworthy environment and guide me through processes to let them go. I now feel a sense of freedom and clarity I didn’t realize I was missing.


I can now much more easily: a) handle disruptive situations smoothly and with confidence, b) project professional perspectives and stability when dealing with a range of stakeholders including challenging ones, and c) display presence of mind and clear leadership in high pressure situations.


The outcomes also flowed into my personal life and relationships outside of work. Being a positive feedback loop, this in turn enhanced my professional abilities in leading teams and events. As a result I now feel more confident than ever before in showing others how to succeed, implementing leadership behaviours and building high-performing teams."


~Anish-Babu Sathagopan Chellappan Pillai, Assistant Director

"I have always had a strong desire to become a high impact leader and up until meeting Andrew, I primarily focused on the doing side of leadership. Although this works and I had a good working relationship with people, I still felt like I was missing something significant. I had been to leadership training in the past but found the content was often high level, structure/ guide focused and readily available elsewhere. You never really learn or understand why things are happening or why people react the way they do.


Working with Andrew helped me understand why things happen, why people react the way they do and provided skills & tools you don't learn anywhere else which has been incredibly valuable. Some topics included:

  • Clearing the lens of perception to think more clearly and rationally

  • Understand why leaders feel the way they do, why we sometimes hold back out of fear/ avoidance and how to move forward consciously with a clear vision

  • How to BE a good leader and not just DO the leadership stuff at a very human level


Andrew's helped skyrocket my leadership capability. I'm far more confident in people leadership, taking educated risks and critical decision making. There's so much more to leadership than just fulfilling the leadership role. I would highly recommend working with Andrew! We need more great leaders!"


~Marcus Hahnheuser, Executive Leader

"Before working with Andrew I didn't feel like a leader, I knew I had it in me, but was struggling and didn't feel influential.


I've had a lot of wins since working with Andrew, my team is more cohesive and productive, and I'm often championing vision. Best of all I now feel comfortable and confident as a leader, and that I have the trust and respect of others. I know I can present my ideas and they will come with me and paint the future together."


~Victor Zhang, Principal Developer

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