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Crippling social anxiety and bullied from a young age, part of me resented everyone. And yet another part of me desperately wanted to be a part of a team, and make a positive difference in the world. Ironically, it was by embracing all parts of me—even the darker bits—that I was able to achieve my dreams and go on to help others achieve theirs.

It's this ability to find value in all perspectives, those inside us, and the incredibly diverse viewpoints around us that will lead us through crises to thrive as a global society.

Explore Andrew's story and the stories of 9 other inspirational leaders from around Australia and the world in Wholehearted Leadership Revolution, the international bestselling book.

Each author shares what made them them, and presents their insights and wisdom on leadership gained from their (combined) centuries of experience.

And by bringing all of these perspectives together, you can take the best for you on your journey, right here, right now.

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